Sunday, November 6, 2016

New Home, New Look

We recently moved from Sand Lake, NY to Coral Springs, Fl.  Quite the change, not only the weather, but we now live on all one level.  That means, I don't have a stamp cave anymore but a wonderful 10 x 12 room to play in.

Really, moving my craft space was probably the most exciting part of the move for me. Right from planning it out to shopping for it.  I'm going to share a picture of my room back up north and then my new space.  

My stamp cave wasn't all that bad, it had two windows so it was bright, we had put laminate flooring down and had a ton of storage, probably more than I have now.  But it was in the basement so out of sight out of mind, and my computer was upstairs so I made a lot up trips up and down the stairs.  My portion of the basement was about the only part that could be finished in any usable way.  

Fast forward to the new place.  I set up temporary desks etc to hold everything as I unpacked.  I had picked up a couple of bookshelves from Wal-mart for my stamps.  My first idea was to put a bookshelf on either side of the desk.  This didn't work in the end.  Also, the bookcases didn't have enough shelves  and when I went hunting for white shelving, I found out it wasn't in the size I needed.  So, to solve that problem, I ordered another set and used the shelf from that.

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