Saturday, July 1, 2017

My Wish List

My list isn't nearly as long as it would have been had I not spent a month copying cards from the catty using the supplies I have.  Yet, as any card maker knows there are always more supplies you need, um want.  So without further ado, here is my list.

Page 38 So many Shells.  Yes, I know I have a shell set but this one has fabulous sentiments and so it goes on my list.
Page 48 This little Piggy.  I searched and the only pig I have is from a very old set called Very Punny the pig is pretty tiny.  So this cute pig is on my list and I don't feel a bit guilty.
Page 99 Here for You  I like the sentiments, I think they will be a good addition to my sentiment since they are different.  This set isn't new but it caught my eye this year.
Page 124 Star of Light  Same as above, it caught my eye this year love the sentiments and the swirly star stamp.
Page 140 High Tide,  I have two sets, Light unto my Path and Uncharted Territory that have lighthouses but this set has so many stamps to build scenes with.  What's not to love about it, and since it made the catty, I will go ahead and get it.
Page 144 Country Livin'  Okay so I have lived without it for a year but I want to color those boots and the guitar with go nicely with the URock stamp I have.
Page 165  Sheet Music Background.  I hoard sheet music DSP, now I won't have to:)
Page 176  Feather Together, as I mentioned on the last day of my challenge, even though I have Four Feathers, I really love the sentiments is this set.  I still am sitting on the edge with this one though.
Page 177 Fabulous Flamingo, I don't have a nice flamingo stamp, just one I picked up in the dollar bin at Michael's.  I also like the grass and water stamps that go with it.

Page 54 At Home Bundle  Love the look of this bundle.
Page 147  Colorful Season Bundle  I need that Adirondack chair.

Over my years stamping, one of the things that I have learned is to wait awhile before jumping the gun and getting sets that are new.  I can't count the number of sets that I really wanted, that, over time I fell out of love with.  I have also learned that I need to really think about whether or not I can justify the cost of the set and how much I will use it.  This might be the case with the Colorful Season Bundle, that's one very expensive Adirondack chair.

Tomorrow, I will share what other goodies I have on my list.

Happy Stampin'


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  2. Let's see if I can type better in this reply. I like the variety of sets you chose. I love floral stamp sets and have so many, that it is hard not to purchase many more. I did purchase High Tide for both the sentiments and the versatile stamps. I also picked up Tranquil Tulips. I hope you get your sets soon and can share your creations.